Final Rating: 3.84. Finished 100 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Paul Boogaards

Description: A friend talks to another friend about a problem.

Experience: 5years of animation school

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Darren Evander:

the men look a bit emotionless at the"look there is something....) and the women last pose is too abrupt and make her look emotionless.

Cody Cessna:

The hand to the face as an acting choice is called indicating. Indicating is when you rub your eyes when sad, shake your fist when mad, etc. It’s the stock choice, and not what people actually do most of the time. It doesn’t sell the emotion well. It feels like acting.


lacks more expressive poses and movements are stiff and too fast

Alyssa FitzGerald:

These rigs aren't very good for character animation because their eyes aren't large enough to emote. The body mechanics feel jittery rather than deliberate. I can barely tell the face from the lips in order to see much less evaluated the lip sync.