Final Rating: 8.39. Finished 2 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Dani B

Description: Animation made with COMBO ESTUDIO's Character Rigs

Experience: Work in the industry

Time taken: About 9 hours


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Aaron James Mongcopa:

top 5. great work.

Paul David Panganiban:

Animation-wise, this is superb! But the girl’s train of thought feels like she went from worried to realization then back to worried. You gotta put yourself in the girl’s shoes, what was she thinking? Why did she say that line? But the guy’s acting is great, there’s nothing I would change about it!

Alejandro Infantes Alía:

Looks like a cartoon network cartoon, nice work!


very good!!!

Paraskevi Koutalou:

Love the animation and the style. Maybe the lip sync is not so precise at times.

glen christie:

really, really great animation, if the joke or story were a bit more clear this would be perfection!


Good acting and great style, I love it. Maybe mouth shapes can be improved by adding more shapes overall.

Véronique Marazzi:



this looks really well done!!



Brad Bradbury:

Nice work.

Aniela Bogusz:

Character design and animation looks like it's from a modern cartoon