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Animator: Faye Craig

Description: This worker (so to speak) takes her breaks whenever she pleases... Important updates and questions lie in her head as she calls her close friend for some much needed advice.

Experience: 2 years (current 2nd year undergraduate student)

Time taken: 1.5 weeks


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Cody Cessna:

Fascinating, unique style.


I do not understand what is going on

Alyssa FitzGerald:

There's no force to her throwing her coffee cup because they're not enough frames dedicated to it. The guy on the screen doesn't make sense as a transition and the screen itself is pretty jittery. The character designs also lack appeal.

N Ishak:

really unique style! love the movement of the character in the video call

Spencer Bentley:

This looks like something straight out of an Adult Swim pilot. Hard to tell that the woman is talking in the beginning, but the second half is very stylized.