Final Rating: 4.73. Finished 57 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Catalina Montelongo

Description: Crazy Cat Lady wonders why it didn't work out

Experience: Student animator

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Cody Cessna:

The decision to have so many cats was undermined by the decision to make them stand around like statues.


Love the use of cats and variety of sitting postures!

Alyssa FitzGerald:

The over abundance of cats that are all static really does not help the scene. Them all being posed differently also prevents you from having a basic keep alive animation.
Her eyebrows are also glitching through the mesh. Her facial animation isn't bad though. The eyes are going to fast though, they're basically teleporting not just darting.

Ben Zingo:

some of these poses 'pop' in and out, or feel very stiff. It seems like you spent most of your time adding models to the background, and focusing on the lipsync and mouth shapes. Instead, try to focus on body language, natural movement, and act out the scene yourself to create reference for timing.
Mouth shapes & lipsync are less important than body language & acting!

Spencer Bentley:

Absolute masterpiece. (Would like to see the other cats doing stuff tho!)