Final Rating: 5.99. Finished 17 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Stéphane Moulin

Description: Psychotherapy in the coffee room

Experience: I've been learning 2D and 3D animation for 5 years

Time taken: approximately one week


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Paul David Panganiban:

First of all, love the render! And I looove the hand gestures of the girl! There’s just a bit of delay in the audio.. and I guess maybe make the lips more readable on the lipsync

Gabrielle Nonnenmacher:

Great work on the hands!

Ben Zingo:

the video and audio feel out of sync, but there's a lot of nice fluid motion going on. The dude's straightening up out of his hunched pose feels stiff though, I think because there's no anticipation 'down' movement before he suddenly moves up.
Nice contrapposto posing.
More emphasized shrugging/shoulder movements might help it feel a little less stiff

Richard Felix B. Candia:

I think the lip-sync is off at the first part but overall it's pretty great.