Final Rating: 5.05. Finished 36 out of 91 entries.

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Animator: Alex Maynard

Description: Keyframed in Maya and rendered in Unreal Engine using Alembic Cache.

Rig: Conan

Set: Medieval Village (Epic Games Marketplace)

Experience: 7 Months in to University

Time taken: 8 Days


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Ben Zingo:

some of the body movements feel very sudden and jerky. Make sure you add some anticipation, overshoot/settling & enough time for actions

Melody Dickens:

the lighting and motion is nice but the framing could have been a bit better

Robinson Aguilera:

good effort but needs weight and better poses. Plan more next time

Ruben D. Cabrera:

I feel like if you remove the “craw” pose it could look better, keep him talking all nice and calm. Don’t make him react so much since he is calm most of the time. Also, leaving the arm on the anvil at the end gives it a strange pose. Keep working hard, good job!