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Animator: mahdi

Description: A man is talking. It is POV scene. He explains who the real monster is. Finally, he gets sexual torture tool out for example of his idea . He wants to harass a girl.
my challenge was perspective and simulating camera lenses in during 2D animate prosses.

Experience: I don't know. Its about 7 years.

Time taken: 5 days.


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Melody Dickens:

really well done

Robinson Aguilera:

animation was decent but lip sync was off. Frame 234 was a great opportunity to do some close up mouth animation.

Runy Lee:

"teeth" needs a little bit more attention I think since its up close but really good animation!!

Aaron James Mongcopa:

When he says "teeth", you should've shown the lower teeth as well to match the audio and make the pose more powerful. But overall, nice job!


Great work! Top 5



Agnieszka Agnes Wojcik:

Nice, dr facilier vibes a little?