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Animator: Agnieszka Agnes Wojcik

Description: The rig I used is iAnimate's Scarecrow.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 18 hours


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Ben Zingo:

the mouth shapes are nice, but one or two fast blinks might help, and more chest/shoulder/arm/neck movements to add energy/expression

Nathaniel Vaughan:

I love the lip-syncing; it really feels alive.

Ezra Allen:

It's nice and subtle but I would put some snap in for contrast, for example on "deeds done"

Lip sync is nice

Robinson Aguilera:

I really like that you kept it in basically one pose but you can still accent it here and there. I would also punch the camera in a bit and favor screen left or screen right for my character placement. Dead center is never the right move

Melody Dickens:

very creative