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Words of Wisdom

by Az Adamson, February Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.92. Finished 1 out of 91 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Az Adamson

Description: An old timer telling a young boy the truth about monsters.

Experience: Around 4 years

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Nathaniel Vaughan:

I love the swaying of his beard, very fluid movement. Everything else is commendable as well, but the beard movement really sticks out to me.


woahh the flow is very good!

Justin Knapich:


Ezra Allen:

lip sync is out but good

Melody Dickens:

apart from the slight delay on the head turn at the end incredible I hope you win c:

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Nice! for the win! HIs end pose could have been done with the last words of the dialogue to make more sense.

Richard Adams:

This month's #1 winner IMO....wow..... Such strong Don Bluth vibes.

Jasurbek Butaev:

Awesome! One of the best animations of this month.


This months winner? Nice story telling IMO

Ruben D. Cabrera:

This definitely is one of the best 2D animated ones that I have seen in the competition.

Sarathbabu A S: