Final Rating: 6.76. Finished 10 out of 91 entries.

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Animator: Ahmed Morsy

Description: A triumphant warrior explains that he's not the only monster in the castle

Experience: 4 Years

Time taken: About 5 days, on and off


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Nathaniel Vaughan:

I'm not entirely sure what's inappropriate about this, but it's still smoothly animated.

Romain Durant:

Lip sync is a bit off from 90 to 130, but the rest is high quality.

Ezra Allen:

Lip sync needs work your missing some marks.

This gets a warning message as not suitable for children?? I don't see why.

Robinson Aguilera:

Animation is good but the lip sync is off. its late. Also lift him in frame. his head is sitting in the middle of the frame.

Runy Lee:

why is this not appropriate for young children...?

Jivan Dwarkasing:

I must be missing something here, why is this not appropriate for children? Other than that the animation is pretty solid.