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Animator: Mariah Palmer

Description: Old fashion cinematic look dinner conversation between a Leman and and a Frobot.

Lemon is a free rig and I bought the other character.
For a class assignment.

Experience: Undergrade

Time taken: 2-3 days about a 11 hours


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I don't understand the character animation choices being made. I mean, is he shaking his butt at the camera between frames 278-330? Why would he be doing this? It is just incoherent.

Aura Milena Domínguez Sánchez:

No sé si son por los personajes que se escogieron, pero los movimientos del limón se sienten robóticos, consideró que el plano donde se ve la espada del es muy largo, debería volver a enfocarse el rostro del limón para generar más tensión.