Final Rating: 6.39. Finished 15 out of 76 entries.

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Animator: Eren Arnold

Description: Cattian Andor is caught where he shouldn't be and must smooth-talk a dog-droid into cooperation.
I would have like to have worked on it more, improving the final shot and adding animation to the dog character, but alas, I ran out of time ^^'

Experience: Studying at uni for 2.5 years

Time taken: Roughly 7 days


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Seth Demeter:

Great facial and ear expressions! I would have the cat lean a bit more at parts to show it's more organic and free moving rather than the still and robotic dog.


Very creative! In a sea of "guy and a robot" shorts, we get a cat and a robot dog! The change of pace was very unexpected. The cat is very well lip synced, which is surprising for an animal without lips. The small paces forward during the "don't tell anyone..." section do a great job of subtly expressing the importance of the situation.

Aura Milena Domínguez Sánchez:

Me gustó mucho las texturas de los personajes y el escenario, aunque los personajes no se mueven mucho, se siente natural.

Annemarie Li:

Pretty good. The cat's facial expressions are good.