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A thief and his robot

by Will Oyowe

Final Rating: 6.48. Finished 14 out of 76 entries.

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Animator: Will Oyowe

Description: A thief has a conversation with his robot

Experience: 3

Time taken: 23 days


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Seth Demeter:

Great work with 2D! Great teleportation effect, I particularly enjoyed the diamond creature's speaking animations, very creative!

Romain BOYER:

the story is great, the background is great, I like how the "diamond" talk but the animation need some improvements


The character appears to start talking too soon after frame 104-112. If this is meant to be a sigh or inhale, there should be some evidence of this in the shoulders and/or chest.

Otherwise, this is a very strong effort. The character movement is believable, the lip sync is well done. I know we aren't grading on drawing skills, but he character shading is excellent!