Final Rating: 7.44. Finished 7 out of 76 entries.

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Animator: Geoff Munn

Description: I used Adobe Animate to create this month's 11 second club entry. I designed, rigged, and animated both characters, as well as designed the background, and storyboards. Compositing was also done in Animate.

Experience: 18 years

Time taken: 25 hours over the course of the month in my spare time.


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A generally well done animation, but the drastic movements are just too, well drastic. Frame 330-331, for example. There's no animation of the arm from down to up, it just appears up there, but then eases in behind his head from 333-341.

Edit: upping the score a but. The drastic movements look less jarring on my phone than my 24" monitor. I didn't notice the use of the flickering light before either.