Final Rating: 7.63. Finished 6 out of 76 entries.

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Animator: Jihyeon K

Description: :)

Experience: Under 2 years

Time taken: 10 days


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The man is very well done! His movements, the lip sync, kneeling down to get to eye level with the dog. I like it all!

Is the dog supposed to be a robot? He doesn't look like one, but his movements are wholly robotic. For as well done as the man is, the dog is a real let down. I think the dog may keep this one from being a winner this month.

Aura Milena Domínguez Sánchez:

Buen movimiento corporal.

Annemarie Li:

I like the part where the human gets down on one knee. Good little nod on the human's head on frame 198.