Final Rating: 2.31. Finished 166 out of 179 entries.

580 views including the voting period.


Animator: Stacey S

Description: A woman happily speaks of the fun she will have while sitting in her room, drunk and alone.

Experience: less than a year

Time taken: a week


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Animating additional parts of the body would improve the shot.

Tiffany Yong:


ben malberg:

Whoa cool rig and set. I like your layout and idea. The body mechanics needs some work, I hope you finish this.

David Borja:

Good effort, I think you just need more familiarity with the model you used to get some of the facial expressions to feel "human", let alone lip sync. Also 3D animation should never really stop unless a character is dead. She stopped moving completely after landing on the bed.