Final Rating: 7.16. Finished 4 out of 179 entries.

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Animator: Faiyaz Saleem

Description: A girl is very excited about the party...

Experience: 2.5 Years in Production

Time taken: 3 Days to animate


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hoh. hoh. hoh. what a party.. very nice concept and animation.

Tiffany Yong:

nice wink!

Svenja Ba:

Little weird but great!! ;) And I really like the lighting!

Muhammad Rauf:


Justin Jones:

Zombie party, anyone?
Personally, this one might be my favorite thus far. I'd like to see this reach the top.

Milan Pad:

I just love it man.....
awesome.....the way she flat overthere.....lalala..........hehe:)

Steve Schwartz:

The wink on "with" is beautiful. Love this.

David Borja:

Great details! But the poses seem a little scattered. The character looks too alert and controlled for what the voice is conveying.

srinivasrao v:


Amartya Mukherji:

Full marks to your story telling. The way you revealed the zombie was awesome. Your acting choice is very expressive, it is like a cherry on the top of your beautiful entry.

Your Malcom seems to be as amazed as i am right now..
Ha ha :-)

Robert Holmen:

The monkey made me not see her performance.

Shark Bait:

Great, but having female characters push the hair behind the ear is REALLY cliche now

Alan Yang:

Frames 100 onward is really appealing and feels nice. I think the lip sync needs work before that, however -- the mouth seems overanimated and stays wide the whole time.


excellent ! great work