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Animator: Nathan Hibberd

Description: You can tell by that look in her eye that she's ready to party.

Experience: Enough to make this sweet face rig.

Time taken: In a way my whole life has led up to this. In another way, a few hours.


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Patrick Rossano:

Odd, but I really like this one


Nice motion on a simple character. A little more in the shot would have increased its appeal.

Caesar Naranjo:

this is so simple and awesome


I enjoyed this one

ben malberg:

Haha reminds me of Kermit the Frog. I like how you really played with the accents in the dialogue. Pretty interesting. I'm not sure if those are legs or tentacles or something. I was confused if it was standing or floating.

Robert Holmen:

Funny. Was this perhaps a mocap puppet?

Moy Parra:

That was awesome!!!!!

Simple and it made me laugh so much , loved it!

11 stars from me :)

Travis Stowell:


Rosario Salvatore:

its ok for what it is, I guess it just lacks context

Natacha "Fanotak" R.A.:

I laughed so much with this muppet-like creature XD
Love the overlaps on its limbs and pupils!

Dan Harriman:

This is a funny one. Is it supposed to mimic a sock puppet?