Final Rating: 3.98. Finished 107 out of 179 entries.

598 views including the voting period.


Animator: rahul rishikesh

Description: Drunk girlfriend XD

Experience: student

Time taken: 2 weeks freetime


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Thomas Thoma:

I think you have some good poses and the idea of her grabbing the beer from him is funny. However the camera movement is not necessary and weakens the animation.

ben malberg:

Cool spin. I'm curious to know how you did that. :) The camera movement is too sudden, and some of the poses seem a bit ridged. The fall at the end's spacing needs adjustment. I might bring the camera in a bit closer too, it seemed far away.


nice job but the upper body of the female character seems really stiff.. especially when she kicks the guy

Steve Schwartz:

Didn't really need the camera movement.

Nadia Ammari:

The camera movement is too harsh

Benjamin Berg:

Cool stuff! I wrote down some notes and I hope they help.

1.Work on the acting of your shot. The best thing to do is to shoot reference for a couple of hours and get into character.

2. Work on offsetting any symmetrical poses.

3. After I would recommend that you work on animation exercises that use the 12 principles of animation.

Good luck!