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Unhappy first day at work

by Damian Pajda

Final Rating: 5.76. Finished 19 out of 179 entries.

1,342 views including the voting period.


Animator: Damian Pajda

Description: She's ambitious girl and get a new dream job.
But her first day at work isn't what she dreamed about...

Experience: 5 years (game animation)

Time taken: about 50 hours


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very nice

Thomas Thoma:

Good idea and animation. The shadow on the wall distracted me from her performance.

Justin Jones:

I'm really digging this animation! Good work. My only critique is just when she leaves the office, it seems the door slammed shut without her even touching it, and it felt a little rushed there. I'd hope this makes top 11.

Neelu Tadisetty:

Animation quality looks great! but i dialog seems more high pitched. But action seems casual. But i love the body actions going on! Great!

Valentious Williams:

Ok this one gets a comment , There is appeal in you story idea but i think you could have exaggerated the part where she breaks the object a bit more , coloring the scene with some other activity at the same time could have work. .

Chris Tarrant:

That's great, lots of nice little nuances. Love the BOSS picture too ;)

Ian Wallace:

If there had been some audio for the door slamming, it would've been better.

Rosario Salvatore:

pretty good animation, well done and I do like it however I am not sure if it fit the audio. It felt kind of lazy if I can say that


nice animation, bt the ending was really strange..

Amartya Mukherji:

I liked it a lot. animation is very nicely done. Plus the actions are slightly subdued. its different from the rest of the entries

Nadia Ammari:

The animation is ok but the scene make no sense

Joyce Makker:

mocap in an animation competition?, I don't know how to rate this....

El Tabarnaco:

Animation is smooth but IMO the acting lacks the energy of the audio, big disconnect between the two.