Final Rating: 4.66. Finished 55 out of 142 entries.

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Animator: Oskar Wetterbrandt

Description: Max is getting a troublesome diagnosis during the gyno exam.

Experience: 1,5 years at a game development program in Skövde Sweden.

Time taken: 12 hours


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Sebastian Ciubuca:


Valentious Williams:

F34king creepy .

Iain Wilson:

AHAHAHA. Amazing way to go about the audio!

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

hmm....well i like the camera moves

Sean Kiley:

Okay, made me laugh!


Super interesting take on the story!

Sunil Kumbhani:

entry bed

Edwin M.Santana:

Gay , What the hell is wrong with you


what the


... wow dude. make me think about a die antwoord's short " fatty boom boom"

Oskar Wetterbrandt:

I'm actually very happy with it ^^


Jesus hahaha, Camera movement adds to it great.

Jay Jörg Smith:

HAHAHA what the... funny story. Animation flows too much, would like to see more accents. Camera moves too quick. Would suggest 24 fps, I think you did more?

Joey London:

what in the world...

Jacob Riches:

Great idea!

Tianyu Chen:

hahahahaha funny man