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Monkey Says Monkey Does

by Jez

Final Rating: 2.84. Finished 128 out of 142 entries.

603 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jez

Description: Monkey Says Monkey Does
Well it is not finished ... not enough time.
but I like the audio, hoping finish some day
Just rough animation

Experience: a bit

Time taken: 6 hrs


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Michael O'Brien:

Interesting rotoscopy, combining the actors body with a monkey's was a cool idea. His gestures might work if he's talking to someone who's far below him but I can't really tell since the story isn't quite clear. Your audio clip comes out really poorly, unfortunately.


the sound

Michael Launder:

nice feels rotoscoped though? could use some stylization with snappy movements or follow throughs with fingers/hands

Jim P:

did you record that in the 80's? good animation but you lost sight of his tail.


Where did the tail go?