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First Character Animation

by Allan N Jeremy

Final Rating: 3.04. Finished 124 out of 142 entries.

475 views including the voting period.


Animator: Allan N Jeremy

Description: First try after discovering this place, new animator trying to get better.Ended up offsetting the audio by a frame or two accidentally in the end.

Looking forward to helpful criticism. Thanks for the chance to improve

Experience: less than a month of actual character animation

Time taken: 2-3 days in free time


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Jessica "Jess" Jerome:

lip sync needs more work

Michael Kristiansen:

The lipsync seems wierd to me. Think you over-animated, too many keys and movement.
Try and have a look at this guideline:

Andrés Rosel:

Check the lips, they aren't in sync. (:

Iain Wilson:

hmm this is out of sync

Michael Launder:

this piece could have benefited a lot from reference, its pretty easy. take a camera or smartphone and film yourself acting out the scene, the look at the way your shoulders and body move, if you do then you'll find out why lots of good things to practice before you enter the competition

Gabriel Haran:

Out of sync.

Dominic Rayner:

Floaty animation, lip synch is mistimed and busy looking.


Lipsynch is a little off

Megan Huggins:

The lip sync is very out of sync

Jay Jörg Smith:

Try to find some rules on how to animate lip sync. You dont need that much movement to show spoken things.