Final Rating: 3.40. Finished 109 out of 142 entries.

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Animator: David Renton

Description: My first 11 sec club. Irritating policeman asking questions about swan.

Experience: Intermediate

Time taken: 3 days


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Michael Launder:

lip synch on this guy is really good! but you gotta hit some better body movements. the body key poses need lots of time and effort, body language is the most important thing in animation


Having a good time with the door frame eh

pankaj kushwaha:

good work keep it up :)


Looks like you were working off of a nice reference, but there's too much movement in there. It looks like he's doing a pole dance move in the beginning, which I'm fairly sure isn't what you were going for. The up and down on the arm around f150 also look rather glitchy instead of a subtle scratch.

Evan Helford:

I laughed so hard at the guy hugging the pole. This is pretty decent work, but the lip-sync could use work, along with floatiness (frames 155-210).

Megan Huggins:

Acting choice isnt very strong