Final Rating: 6.94. Finished 6 out of 142 entries.

8,741 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bongyong

Description: He describe a enemy to the hunter.

Experience: 1year

Time taken: 2week


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Diane Aarts:

best acting I've seen so far :)

Awan Ali Astori:

Dear Good Job

Sajid Ali Mansoori:

Nice Animation. but some poses could be add in last dialog.

Suneina Kunder:

lighting is good , but animation is ok , all the best

Robert Firestone:

Nice snappy animation, but I'm not buying the acting choices on the guy in overalls. Too much signifying with his hands.

Dominic Rayner:

Nice animation but a bit cliche

Megan Huggins:

Facials and poses are great, lip sync is pretty on point. Nice one!



Suyog Patil:

Decent.. need more fine tune

Raghav Nagpal:

Great acting , expressions. I like that expression at "its a swan".
Though the character with cigar is secondary but what I feel still u can add a little movement on his hand while its resting on belly or change the position of hand & a same when he turns back.