Final Rating: 6.61. Finished 8 out of 93 entries.

2,079 views including the voting period.


Animator: Johann Wong

Description: The man's finally getting his life together, until he realizes it was a bit too late.

Experience: 3-4

Time taken: Bit here & there throughout the month.


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John Fielding:

i see a lot of potential. needs some polish love and tighter lip sync, but your acting instincts are in the right ballpark (could maybe remove some poses on the main guy, he seems to be hitting a pose per line, which isn't totally natural and feels sorta forced)

Erin Goddard:

wedding ring goes on the left hand, watch out for those details but nice animation.

Donald Marks:

Really strong

Thomas Thoma:

Beautiful timing of actions! Needs a little work with the lip sync. Some mouth shapes could use a little exaggeration. Example: "they tell M-E" , "ch-E-ck", "-A-E- sold it". It will read better.

Jordan Lewers:

Love the subtle eye movements when they talk about the rings. Great touch!