Final Rating: 4.52. Finished 42 out of 73 entries.

442 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jake Spencer

Description: Sisters leave a police station but one has a RAP SHEET?!?!?!!

Experience: Final year at university

Time taken: 12 days-ish


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Elisabeth Janerka:

Hard to see which character is saying what, and the framing could be better.

Raziel Gore:

Girl 2's faces and acting are a bit stiff.


I like the head shake at the end but man, they are too hunched over for it to be natural!

Marisa Gershenhorn:

Nice job incorporating the door sound!

Edward Davies:

As a WIP, this is off to a great start. I would start trying to polish the animation so it feels natural. To me they look like they're floating in space.

Mason Jones:

All the actions seem to flow at the same pace and yet the blonde seems to be getting angrier. Maybe make her seem to tense up more and throw her fist down into the final pose faster.

Juan Perez:

when she says not quite I think she looks too mad, or rather the change was too drastic when she says "not really" and ends up with a pretty angry expression.