Final Rating: 3.60. Finished 64 out of 73 entries.

195 views including the voting period.


Animator: luke foster

Description: 2 girl at a bar.

Experience: 5 week-

Time taken: 1 year


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Elisabeth Janerka:

Hard to do this one using the same character, but it could have been less confusing if the characters are seen together sometimes

Fadilla Achmad:

Maybe using the same rig for two characters wasn't a good idea...

Arlo Karleskint:

This felt really disconnected. And what’s going on with her arm around 160? There are some nice expressions though.

Juan Perez:

I don't get the punch pose when she is saying "not really", feels out of place

Henry Barbee:

Poses don't really make sense, and I'm kind of confused as to the scenario. Is she talking to herself?