Final Rating: 7.26. Finished 2 out of 52 entries.

460,836 views including the voting period.


Animator: Adrian Petitjean

Description: Hide your kids and your wife. Beware! As the sheriff has business in town!

Rig used: Worshipper, max, bony, beefy.

Experience: 2

Time taken: 1-2 weeks


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Edmond Toussaint:

this was very nice the people's reaction was felt even though they had no faces.

Yonghwan Seok:

Awesome! It would have been better if the other characters in the background at the end were moving a bit more.

Donald Marks:

This is really excellent. The only reason this isn't an 11/11 for me is that the focus on the walking made the animations inherently repetitive. Simple concept executed really well and the reveal of the face beings a nice gag to the scene.

Adrian Petitjean:

Damn, thats some good animation. There is some story and they have characters. Good job!

Ryan Woods:

well scared, great timing and comedic appeal, crowd emotes well and very grounded in performance. to be picky, the walke of the feet and the walk at the end dont hold the same emotion of intent, beginning- stroll, ending march. the "fliop" of the toe before planting the foot is biggeest cuplrit. compare frame 36 to the bouncing of the face, when this man is planting a step he is putting weight on it immediately. where the feet takes 3 or 4 frames to shift weight.

Victor Lemée:

funny face dude, peoples in the background stay fix in the last shot, may add a better arc on the right hand in the last shot around frame 330-340. and more contrast in the timing of the action (load the gun/gun go down/aim for)

Sonny Choo:

The sheriff's walk in the beginning seemed oddly stiff, but I understand that it was probably to sync it with the music.
I loved the bystanders' animations. Despite having no facial features what so ever, I was able to imagine their looks through their individual behaviours which you clearly have illustrated.
For the last couple of seconds, I think it would've been better to dramatise the sheriff's animations, e.g. more arm swing and wider stance, as the music itself is very grand.