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Where should I go?

by Melissa

Final Rating: 6.94. Finished 5 out of 52 entries.

12,215 views including the voting period.


Animator: Melissa

Description: After a couple of days in the cave, he is stil looking for a way out...

Experience: 4 ans

Time taken: 15 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Edmond Toussaint:

The storytelling is done very well, also the camera. might be top 10.

Joshua Kaberline:


Yonghwan Seok:


Adrian Petitjean:

Dragon can feel a bit more dragon-y. Check how smaug moves in the hobbit. More weight and more scary. I would like to see the dragon a bit more at the beginning, so we understand why the character is so scared

Ryan Woods:

awesome piece, great job with pacing and camera work. would like to see more shoulder action and chest rotation as hers crawling in frontal view. As he recoils from the dragon feet to sit up, have his back bend in an arch as his butt would stop on the ground while his arms ar still pushing him back. really nit picky stuff because there is little to critique. awesome job

Victor Lemée:

good animation overall, could put more weight on his hand in the beginning



Sonny Choo:

I can clearly see the personality of the boy adventurer. However, perhaps more hunched position and fearful expressions on the boy can help create more character and exaggerate the life-threatening event happening in the video.
The dragon in the end needed more dramatic actions, like more swooping neck and etc. It needed more powerful aura. Perhaps making it even lower angle shot could have helped this out somehow.