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Animator: prashant sonare

Description: she is a lady .Because lose in business in her husband business they have to sale there lovely home. and know is his hand over her house key to other woman who purchase her house

Experience: 5 year

Time taken: 15 hour


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The actions seem too exaggerated to be normal, but not enough to be selling a wild over the top character. eyes seem to consistently break with the person they're talking with.


Who’s she talking to?

bárbara espinosa:

She tends to go back to that "looking down" pose and it's really distracting from the rest of your acting.

Andrea Charais:

I really liked how you rigged the first character, I wish we could have seen the second as well though. Still, great layout and dynamic!

Isaac F.:

Eyes are kind of not focus on the person they are talking to

Caleb Rankin:

I really like the subtle movements and posing in your piece. Some of the movements feel a little too fast though