Final Rating: 4.26. Finished 50 out of 65 entries.

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Animator: Molly Ferguson

Description: This lucky mouse just found a house! Yay!

Audio lined up nicely prior to compressing video size. New to stop motion. Any suggestions?

Experience: Very little

Time taken: 2 days


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Cody Cessna:

I love stop motion. And your set is amazing. But there’s just not much character animation going on. The lip sync is the only thing, and it doesn’t quite match up.


Need to work on the “lip sync” a bit more, and it’s a little hard to see the characters because of the colours used in the bg. Really like it though!

matias lagunas:


Andrea Charais:

I love the detail of the room!

Darren Evander:

really good,only critique i have is you could make the lypsinc better,but overall good job.


I do stop motion, didn't get to enter this month. Glad to see you used stop motion.

The ears on the photo on the wall - funny.

Tim Kamara:

great piece! timing for lip syn is off