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Animator: Mitch Buzgan

Description: A handcraft woman found one day a talking mouse, something painful happened to her and the woman wanted to bring something nice into the life of the mouse, so she built her a doll house and sawn her a dress.

Experience: About 5 years

Time taken: Around 7 days


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Cody Cessna:

Dude! I literally had the same interpretation! I love your take on it.

You clearly gave the mouse more love than the girl, but I think it paid off. She’s adorable.

bárbara espinosa:

SO pretty looking! amazing job

Caleb Rankin:

Great job! I would have loved to see the other character finished.

Darren Evander:

lypsinc of human coul be inbetweened more nicely.


It's very cute.

Jonathan Fontaine:

Super, super cute !!
good body acting, sadly the lipsync is missing a bit

very appealing and tender overall :)


Love it. Good animation and funny.