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Animator: Randy

Description: 1 person explains in sarcasm how they can't tell a cop they robbed a store while the other person tries not to die. (This is the only rig I have and I don't know how to model hair)

Experience: Roughly 1 year

Time taken: 2 weeks spread out


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Tom Islava:

Imo, they move too much. The amount of poses they have makes it a little distracting.


Great expressions. Rapidly pacing poses can be a great stylistic choice but they need to be contrasted with with a steadier pace, otherwise they emphasize everything equally, and the emotional intention of the exchange is buried.

David Fliesen:

Way too much movement. Try next time acting the parts out with a video recorder and use more realistic movements. It also makes it hard when you change shots with extreme movements if they are not timed out right.