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Having a good time with fairs

by Tanmoy Dey

Final Rating: 7.92. Finished 2 out of 80 entries.

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Animator: Tanmoy Dey

Description: My fast time try 2D animation is a creative and exciting way to bring life to ideas and stories. I used traditional hand-drawn animation techniques and powerful software to create dynamic visuals. It was a challenging but enjoyable process.

Experience: 10

Time taken: 1 month


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Richard Adams:

The winner, IMO. The animation is incredible.

Alp Yamanel:

Really nice animation, love the expressions and poses, the framings a lil off, doesnt look like the main guy is looking at the cheetah and the cheetah is too off screen to catch out eye


Audio shiftet, but very good!


Wow, very well done! The details! The fast head turn to begin talking! The motion blur in frames 11-14 and a DIFFERENT motion blue in frames 47-48. So quick, you almost don't even notice they are there, but make a huge impact to the believability of the animation. I found all of the movements relatable to the dialogue.


This is awesome!


The animation is visually stunning! The character design is unique and eye-catching, and the movements are smooth and fluid. It's clear that a lot of thought and hard work has gone into this shot, and the end result is truly impressive.


Great acting

K Rupesh Kumar:

good acting and nice poses