Final Rating: 7.73. Finished 3 out of 80 entries.

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Animator: mahdi

Description: I hope you like it.

Experience: About 7 years

Time taken: 4 or 5 days


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Maya Castañeda:

This is so cool, the perspective, timing, curves and appealing. Just perfect

Barak Drori:

Great acting


This is really well done! Very smooth animations, grabbing and sloshing around the drink. Excellent use of stretching the glass in frames 55-76. This creates the illusion of a motion blur that you didn't draw. Incredibly effective. Excellent attention to detail including the shoe size on frame 80 as well!

My only critique is the lip sync around "ugly baby" from 165-180. He's in full cigarette pucker and not believable that those sounds are being made with those mouth shapes.

The animation is immediately redeemed with his sheepish reaction. I also like that you took the time to animate the cigarette smoke in every single frame!


I absolutely love the composition! Great decision!


I love the mirror in the foreground! Also the guy's movements are so smooth and expressive (really nice perspective change from leaning forward to leaning back). The lip sync seemed a little off for me the whole time though.