Final Rating: 7.96. Finished 2 out of 95 entries.

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Animator: Jason Matthews

Description: Timmy, whose antiquated approach to flying makes him feel like an outsider among other birds, turns to his human friend Neka for emotional support.

Experience: 21 years self-taught. Recent Animation Mentor grad. No work experience yet.

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Mikhail Fedulov:

Great Job!


wow! well done Jason!!!

Richard Adams:

Superb. Top 5 entry. Possible winner? Slight bit of floatiness with the bird though. Especially love the way the bird reacts to "But you're the *last* dinosaur!" Now *that's* good acting!

Davit Martirosyan:

Nice one, but 44-50 when a parrot twitches its wings and its neck breaks, it looks strange and very fast, here it was necessary to give not 6 frames but 16-18 if you make such a gesture

Kadek Diva Tiara Puspita:

Great rendering, concept, and setting. Need more improvement on some small details movements (Like the girl's hair bangs, and her right earring is frozen solid). Overall, great animation! Good job!