Final Rating: 5.35. Finished 41 out of 201 entries.

66 views including the voting period.


Animator: Simon Sai

Description: A mad scientist resurrects his friend by giving him a "game life" and shows it to another friend.

Experience: 3 months professionally, 3 years as student

Time taken: Approximately 1 week


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Robert Firestone:


Jocelyn Gray:

Haha, great story! I like the snappy animation that goes with it, I could tell it was gonna be funny!

Ryan D Lowe:

Very good. Love the expression change!

Danny Kneip:

A nice entry with a clear, believable lip sync and good interaction. The payoff is amusing. Watch the eyes on these characters as they can sink behind the nose and look really strange (F157). I think many entries went small on "killed" but I love that you went big! I think it works really well here.