Final Rating: 4.62. Finished 51 out of 151 entries.

422 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bhanu Kaura

Description: A scene in the Principal's room.

Experience: 1

Time taken: 4 Days


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Bruno de Coninck:

Not bad at all but I think it could be better if you add some contrasts in the speed : human love contrasts slower parts, quickier parts would give a little plus to your work!

India Swift:

Some parts are really nice, but I find the movement of the child too distracting. If he were stiller I'd be better able to focus on the characters who are speaking.

Nikolas Diamant:

The kid's arm should rest on the table more, good job though

Nathan Greensmith:

Nice animation, good flow, great job.

Ben Halstead:

Nice! I would push your poses a bit more


Idea not very clear. A few too many distracting props.

Adam Momsen:

The setup and execution aren't bad, but I feel like one fundamental thing is missing from this piece: clarity. Right now there are several things that are distracting from the main action.

In the first shot, the painting behind the principle is incredibly distracting. I'm spending a lot more time looking at it than the character, and the staging feels like it was set up to feature that painting: the principal is way off to the side, and everything frames around the background piece. This pulls attention away from the important bit (the principal and his cigarette).

Similarly, in the second shot, the point of emphasis is the old man. However, the child wiggles and squirms and waggles so much that it's distracting. It's fine that he reacts and looks scared, but it's too much. My eye keeps getting pulled away from the character talking to look at something that isn't the central idea.