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Wilfred? Wilfred ?

by Nikky Quek

Final Rating: 6.65. Finished 9 out of 151 entries.

1,990 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nikky Quek

Description: Wilfred the merciful.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Nathan Greensmith:

Great setting, great animation, this should do well, a potential winner in my opinion.

Travis Stowell:

I don't understand the end of the animation, but it's very well done. :)

Shiladitto Gupto:

nice concept.. really liked it... now about the animation
1. the mobile enters the screen in a certain speed but it stops suddenly.. the slow-in is not matching the speed in which it entered..
2. the bald guy's (not the creepy one at the end) shoulders look a bit stiff while he is sitting idle.. maybe you can loose them a bit, not too much but a little bit.
3. the guy who's interrogating his right eyebrow looks too roundish.. maybe you can tone it down it a bit.. in that case you might have to fix the left eyebrow too..
4. try to keep the creepy bald guy's hand on his shoulders and the reveal himself and then let him talk.. now all of these are overlapping a bit with each other.. and after he keeps his hands on his shoulder they just get fixed over there.. try to add some little animation in them just to make them look alive..
5. at frame 316 when the creepy guy looks at the camera can you relax his fingers because they are there for a long time..
6. also try to check the eye directions at 316.. they are looking at different directions.. the creepy guy is looking towards the camera while the other guy is looking above the camera and dong his eye darts.. try to follow any one of them.. and also add some offset in eyebrows too..
7. the last shot looks very linear in terms of timing..

i guess that would be all.. BTW really nice animation and concept i really liked it.. may be that's why i said all these things to make it look much better.. thanks

Ben Halstead:

Wow! Great work. For some reason the very first shot strikes me as oddly comedic, maybe in its timing or his expression. Very well done though.


Ambiguous ending
Good performance

Bruno de Coninck:

Great work! I really love this animation... The only detail I could see is the fist character, the untalkative one, who could be a bit more active, but this is more a personnal choice than anything!

Paula Decanini:

Good use of camera angles for the first two shots. I would like to see something other than a straight on shot for the third though. The final shot I feel is unnecessary. As for animation, add some breathing motion for the characters while they are still. Good facial expressions.

Kyle Novak:

one of the better concepts, very good job, youre like the only person thats not way overdoing the movement and emotion

Mor Izrael:


Jerry Jones:

Very good acting! I just couldn't easily see that the guy in the straight jacket was the same guy being taunted because the front of his shirt was just a shirt, not a straight jacket.

Kyra Toomey:

Love the acting.

Samidha Kumar:

great job!!..Multiple personalities..ha ha... loved the idea and the execution...just that the main listening character is too still and lipsync needs more work. otherwise excellent :)

Davit Martirosyan:

Good one!

Ramon Arango:

wow. great job man.
I think a little more time on the phone before the cut to the interviewer would be nice. Also put the cut on when he starts talking.
There is almost no eye movement on the sitting guy from 140 to 227 afterwards you really did well. The thing is that a person not only thinks when they react to another person, but always. Therefore the eyes should always show an inner dialogue. Try to write down and show what a character thinks, even while someone else talks. People try to finish sentences in their head before they are actually completed by the speaker for example.