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The Merciful T

by Jez

Final Rating: 2.32. Finished 146 out of 151 entries.

434 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jez

Description: The Merciful T where is he ?
Well I have not finished it ... no time for lip sync ...too little time too much to do ... it's called life
BTW T stands for a turtle

Experience: a bit

Time taken: 15 hr


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Richard Clark:

Was there supposed to be lip sync? You must have run out of time.

Eric Raffle:

poor show, no speech and very simple animating.no effort

Nathan Greensmith:

Good story but a large lack of lip sync, good effort though. Some lip sync next time maybe?

Tyson Haeh:

no lip sync?

Bruno de Coninck:

I won't talk about the lack of lipsync because, sometime, enven without it, an animation can be awsome. But here, you miss some fundamentals. Don't be discouraged, it is a decent start in animation. But if you are serious in getting into animation, I strongly suggest you the Richard William's book Animator's Survival Guide. I think it could help you! Good luck!

Ben Halstead:

This would be a lot better with lip syncs. It's not clear who is speaking.

Kyra Toomey:

No lip sync, no acting.