Final Rating: 4.42. Finished 60 out of 151 entries.

600 views including the voting period.


Animator: Donald Marks

Description: Not the best situation in which to find yourself.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: weekends and nights off


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Ben Halstead:

Great! Watch out for frozen parts in your animation where a character stops moving completely. Unless it's done as part of a very careful style, this can make it look a bit unnatural.

Nathan Greensmith:

Nice scene, good animation, good work.

Bruno de Coninck:

I suggest you to add some ease-in ease-out in general. Some breaking poses could help too. For now, your characters seems to float from pose to pose. Except those two points, it is a good start.

Kyle Novak:

old man seems just as lithe as the young one.

Paula Decanini:

Very pose-to-pose. Needs offsetting and overlaps.