Final Rating: 4.57. Finished 53 out of 151 entries.

383 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chad Bailey

Description: 2 kidnappers call their hostage's bluff.

Experience: 6 years self taught

Time taken: 17 days


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Bruno de Coninck:

Good! Very subtile... But a bit static...

Robert Zhou:

Your animation is very good! The character in the back hides too much behind the other character, so it's hard to see what he's doing. Try staging it a bit differently, and then I think you're golden!

Nikolas Diamant:

There are too many head moves at frame 60, the rest is nice, though

Nathan Greensmith:

Very crisp animation, great job.

Tyson Haeh:

The second characters face isn't visible enough, I would shove him over s little bit

Ben Halstead:

Good work! It feels like it kind of runs out of steam at the very end with the final "Call him". And the first guy's body below the neck pretty much freezes... some movement there after he's done speaking would help. This is good though.


character 2 could have been positioned in a better position for readability.
Good effort

Kyra Toomey:

You had some really nice acting but then it fell flat with the deadpan expressions during the last line.

Alec Farai Munhapa:

well done :)