Final Rating: 5.28. Finished 31 out of 151 entries.

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Animator: Ahmed Nashabe

Description: The leader of an underground hidden society and his apprentice, interrogate a member of their clan, suspected of being a mole for an evil dictator.

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: 2 to 3 days (All Aspects)


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Bruno de Coninck:

Good work! Just needs a bit of polishing to make moves looks more natural. Except that, prety good work!

Kyle Novak:

no concept.

Nathan Greensmith:

Nice shot. Lip sync needs the tiniest bit of refining. But the rest is good, nice job.

Adam Momsen:

I'm liking the posing, and the expressions are decent at showing a mood or feeling (especially in the first character, who looks kind of bored or unconcerned with what's going on). The lipsync looks generally pretty good for the most part.

My main critique is that in some parts, the character's feel a little... wobbly. A good example is frames 75-85. The character's *skull* deforms here (I'm assuming through the scale tool). You've got a good sense of trying to move the mouth around to make some dynamic speaking shapes, but this part really stood out as looking a bit wonky.

Similarly, when the old man says 'Wilfred the merciful' (207-220 or so), his shoulders are just everywhere. I might tone this motion down a little bit. It's not a bad emphasis on the syllables, it just makes him feel a little... wiggly.

These are easily fixable things though, and overall you've got good posing, expressions, lipsync, and characterization. So really not bad at all!

Ramon Arango:

Why is he shaking his shoulders?