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Show Trial

by Paul Wei, July Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 7.39. Finished 1 out of 151 entries.

184,079 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paul Wei

Description: They've dragged her to court for a show trial, but the judge and prosecutor are both corrupt. Her one hope is to get the help of an honorable defense attorney, but things are looking grim.

Experience: 6+ years cg

Time taken: 2.5 weeks


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Bruno de Coninck:

I really love the subtility of this one! Up to now, it is really the best animation I saw so far in this month's competition... Good work!

Richard Clark:

I like this! The one thing that bothers me is the judge's hand gestures at the end... they're too much of the same gesture and you do it 3 times. I like the first pose you have him him though...very nice!

Adam Momsen:

Very well done!

I think the facial expressions are great, the lip sync works, the characters' moods are clear... even though she's a minor character in this I think the girl is very expressive. The judge is very impressive (and the secondary motion of his wig is great!)

Couple things:

I think the initial motion for 'call him' doesn't seem right. Guy looks like he's shrugging, rather than wanting to get in the girl's face (which he then does in the next shot).

When the judge does 'Wilfred the merciful', I like how he's moving his hands, but it seems like it repeats. I might vary that motion a bit, almost as if the judge is trying to find a proper title for Wilfred.

Nathan Greensmith:

Good narrative, good camera angles, good poses, good timing and overall great animation. A potential winner in my opinion.

Ben Halstead:

The first shot doesn't quite transition well to the second... in the first shot he's standing calmly, while in the second he slides in like a snake in a sort of unexpected way. Also, the judge seems to do a very similar movement three times in a row... I'm mostly nit-picking here, though. This is really awesome work!

Kiran Hulle:

nice work

Martin Strom:

Great animation! I like the animation on the judge's hands.

Josh C:

Nice job! A little twinning on the judge's hands that could have been avoided, but for the most part really good!


It's SUCH a shame you repeated the hand gesture on the judge not once, not twice, but three times! The rest is really nice. If you're gonna go for big hand gestures, at least put some variation in there.

Ramon Arango:

I think guy1 is holding her face too long. Either he would let her go after making sure she looks at him, or she would draw back after the surprise moment. But her expression doesnt change at all.
A nice touch would be if the judge looked back and forth between the other two, while he is in the background. At least slightly or with his eyes. This would add life to the scene.
Then the judge has this double swoosh-move that feels unnatural. The hands are fine but the head shouldnt do this back-and-forth thing.