Final Rating: 7.26. Finished 3 out of 106 entries.

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Animator: Ellen Roberts

Description: This is my first time entering in the 11 second club :) I really enjoyed animating this.
A pet rat who believes his previous owner abandoned him is now used as a lab rat, accompanied by a one-limbed cat.

Experience: 5 years as hobbyist

Time taken: Around 35 hours?


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juan francisco leon:

wow, excellent story

Ionita Iulia Petronela:

Great storyline and animation style!


Like the cut in the "..things" part also i can feel there is some story behind, and like the hit at the "feel" cats face very nice.

Maybe there could be some movement to the cat at 136, 200, 351

Jean Lamy:

Nicely done! My only problem is that the story is a bit confusing. But I love the simplicity.

Emanuel Siu:

rare to see a good 2D animation but this was really well done!


Awesome idea, i like it!

Michael Logar:

Absolutely stunning. Really the only thing I still see room for improvement is the lipsync and the speed of the falling paper at the end (I feel it's just a tad too slow)


Nice storyline.

Michaela Wadzinski:

character designs were really great, i liked how soft everything felt with the way you colored it. Good Job!

Jordan Lewers:

I had a bit of trouble deciding who's amputated leg that was since the camera angles didn't match very well, but the animation is quite lovely

Szilard Hadobas:

The animation is nice! However the staging is confusing.

Zara Holten:

This is so creative with the audio - imagine how awesome it'd be to see further into the story with these two! The quality of the animation and lip-sync is really top notch.