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wanted to get married

by Takashi Yokoya

Final Rating: 6.98. Finished 5 out of 106 entries.

27,702 views including the voting period.


Animator: Takashi Yokoya

Description: counseling

Experience: 11years

Time taken: 6days


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weak lip sync, good camera and composition

Amy Hook:

I love how they keep pausing for thought! The sharp eye motions are great. I wish I was that good! :D

Emanuel Siu:

felt pretty good! I liked his animations, and hers were good too, but I think the last part felt a little bit rushed - as in could probably use a little more gesture

Jakub Kupčík:

This one is great, it's just that the hand movements on "end of the world" are a bit distracting.


Good Animation, i like the contrast of the colours!
Just... i think she a gal, sound strange with male voice!
Well done!

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

in top 3 good work dude

Darren Teh:

Good composition..animation feels smooth and clean. Nice work.

Jaffar Rezzouq:

good work but i think it's a bit "overacting" :)