Final Rating: 3.45. Finished 93 out of 106 entries.

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Animator: Stephanie

Description: I had to do this animation for my 2D animation class at school. I really enjoyed learning how to do lip sync. I look forward to any help to improve my animations. Thank You.

Experience: about 2 months..

Time taken: 2 weeks


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juan francisco leon:

it need more work, keep it up

Skylar Zerr:

nice try man!

Reyane Ashtar:

Make sure to use proportions when animating, so it can look more correct and cleaner to look at.

Jakub Kupčík:

You should reconsider your acting choices, I thought they didn't communicate the emotions very well, especially the 2nd character.

Ellen Roberts:

The lip syncing in this is really good! :) Add some more in-between frames next time to make the motions slow a little better and it would be great!