Final Rating: 5.00. Finished 45 out of 106 entries.

415 views including the voting period.


Animator: Maxime Gruet-Masson

Description: Michel visits the psychotherapist.

Experience: animation student seen's 1 year

Time taken: 20 days


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Reyane Ashtar:

Maybe more acting could be used.


My biggest critique about this is the camera angles. The characters cross the line twice and its very jarring. Also the characters are far apart which makes it so you can't see the animation that well.

Jakub Kupčík:

The acting is just spot on, this one's my favorite so far.

Jean Lamy:

Great animation! Only thing is that the first shot should've changed a little later.

Ruud Harbers:

Very good! Subdued movements, but that's realistic.

Something I would change is the camera work. For example, the change at 177-178. The shots are too similar. Make it more interesting visually!

Nice drawing by the way. ;-)

Jordan Lewers:

Good overall, but a few issues. The cuts are a bit jarring since you keep switching the positions of the characters. If you could zoom in a little more on the characters at the end, their lip sync could be read easier. Also, since the grey character wasn't doing much in the middle shot, I'd recommend focusing more on the other guy and what he's saying. That would make the final shot of the two together a bit more impactful.