Final Rating: 2.61. Finished 103 out of 106 entries.

416 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sergio Candela Ramirez

Description: Fred only want to cry but William has another plan..

Experience: Basically, none. Just IA WS2...

Time taken: 8-10 hours


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Jean Lamy:

I think this clip is creative. You should trying adding more pauses in order to give some weight to the characters. You had no lip sync so I'm not sure if you did it on purpose. Needs a little bit more work, this is a good start.

Nicki Pierce:

I enjoyed your interpretation of the dialogue. The "push away" was funny. The thing you need to work is having the characters mouths move, it's really hard to watch the scene and take it seriously when they aren't actually speaking the words. All of the big movements felt a little choppy and unnatural. I would simply in your next video and concentrate on doing a few smaller motions really well instead of being so ambitious. Sit people down and do a video of the motion to help you!

Darren Teh:

i feel bad for your ianimate mentors...